Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Importance of Breaks

Like every child before the holiday season, I found that I was counting down the days before break! One of the great perks of being an art teacher is that I get the holidays off...just like my students :). My imagination was bursting with ideas of things that I could finally knock off of the running "To Do" list that sits open on my computer consistently.

However, after my last class ended (on a Sunday evening) I came home and completely abandoned the list for the first time  in over two years! Here's what followed:

It all started with a sketch on a small, yellow piece of paper

I spent two wonderful days working out all of the kinks to create something that I had wanted for over two years! When it was finished, it looked like this:

Satisfied with the result, I moved on to this:

(I apologize for the huge color difference. The first photo was taken when I started that morning and the final was taken that night after I had finished.)

During this process I learned some valuable lessons and had a great time! So here is the motto for the holiday season: Sometimes you just have to let your hair down, tell your portfolio to "hang on a second" and do something fun!

What fun things have you done this season?

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