Monday, August 4, 2014

LA SCBWI Conference 2014

I just returned home from the LA SCBWI annual conference. It was the most exciting, awe inspiring event that I have ever attended. I was surrounded by a community of peers that feels like a family to me and I had the experience of meeting artists and authors that I admire (including Aaron Becker whose next book, Quest is coming out at the end of this month). I also had the honor of being awarded the Mentorship Award for my portfolio along with 5 other brilliant artists Dorothia Rohner, Kahryn Ault Noble, Suzanne Kaufmann, Robin Rosenthal, and Ana Aranda Balgazar! I am absolutely on Cloud 9!


Charlotte Cheng said...

Congrats Jeslyn! So glad we got to go to the conference together and I'm so proud of your accomplishment! Go get me girl :)

Jeslyn said...

Thank you, Charlotte!! I am so glad that we went together as well. It was a great experience that would not have been the same without you and Pamela!