Saturday, September 5, 2009

Comic Creations

Here's the scoop! My friend Chris Chatel and I have had this somewhat brilliant idea! We have been "pen pals" for a little over two years now and we always come up with these silly adventures to tell one another. We like to take every day situations and put a "super" twist on it. That way every day is an adventure! Well, we want to take it further! Hurray!! So now we are creating a full blown comic strip! I am so completely jazzed about this! This last week our first assignment was to come up with a story and some rough character designs! These are mine. Though they are far from finished I am so excited about them! I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

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a.h. marie said...

awh, these are great!! Since I dunno if u look at this blog or fb more, I wanted to share this link with you.I saw this guy at an art/craft fair. I love that he has birds and chickens (my fav!) One day, when I haz some monies, I want you to do some chickens for me (woodblock style ) :)