Monday, June 30, 2014

Lemonade Stand - Process

Hi everyone! I am working on another new print and I wanted to share a little bit about my process :). I have started the "Lemonade Stand" in honor of summer. It just cannot be helped.

Today, I finished printing the second color on this piece. You can see, in the top picture, that the print is already beginning to emerge in just two colors! The second image (below) shows my palette. It took me three tries to mix the color that I was looking for this time. After I found it, I used the palette knife to smear a line of ink across that palette that would be just as long as the brayer (the rolling pin-looking tool above the mixed ink) so that I could roll the brayer up and down through the line. This created a nice patch of ink that I could then roll onto the woodblock (on the left). After  my woodblock had been covered in yellow, I took each piece of paper (there are 15!) and pressed it down on top of the wet ink. Using another tool called a barren (it is a small, circular tool that has a handle to fit my hand) and my arm strength, I pushed the two pieces together as hard as I could so that the ink would transfer onto the paper to create the image in the top photo.